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Throughout August and September Robogals joined us in the Makerspace to run a number of workshops on Making sense of sensors in NXT lego Mindstorm robotics.

Robogals is a student-run organisation that aims to increase female participation in engineering and technology through fun and educational initiatives aimed at girls in primary and secondary school.  They have chapters across Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. Learn more:

Below are pictures of interaction with the Robogals in the Makerspace area.

MakerSpace0815_dm_019small      MakerSpace0815_dm_015.small

MakerSpace0815_dm_067small      MakerSpace0815_dm_079small

3D Printing and YOU

Producing solid objects from computer models was once an expensive exercise reserved for high-end engineering and design firms. With the advent of simplified printing technology, low cost micro-controllers, and open software, 3D printing on your own personal desktop is not only a reality, it is fast becoming the norm. The session introduced 3D printing in it’s various forms. Learn More…

3d printersmall  3d printer 2small  decorative pin small  3d printer usingsmall  3d printer using 2small

eWaste Emporium

eWaste is an increasing problem for modern societies. With the rapid evolution of both industrial as well as personal equipment requiring an upgrade, an inevitable consequence is that of obsolete equipment being discarded. This waste stream can form a valuable source of electronics, and components able to be used for other purposes, including Science, Technology, Engineering and Math teaching and learning. As such, there is a need to understand how to manage eWaste streams as well as to identify and then recover components and parts for potential re-use, and re-purpose. Learn More…



Startup Sprint

A three-hour Startup Sprint happened in the Makerspace on 20 April 2016 facilitated by Startup Toowoomba. Students took advantage of the opportunity and discovered their Entrepreneurial character as either a Hipster, Hacker or Hustler. They  worked in teams of three (with one of each character in it) to develop a solution to a problem, that has a sustainable business model.

Makerspace small 2 Startup small 1

After discussing working out a solution, they had to test it and ask for feedback from USQ staff and students on campus and then make adjustments from their comments. When the time was up the groups presented a 3 minute pitch of their idea and solution to a panel of judges.

It was a fun morning with lots of lively discussion.